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The picker is used to select from a list of choices. The Picker visual appearance is similar to an Entry but instead of using a keyboard, you choose from a predefined list of elements.

Define in XAML

 <Picker Title="Day" ItemsSource="{StaticResource DaysOfWeek}" />

The DaysOfWeek is a static resource array define in the XAML file as follows :

            <x:Array x:Key="DaysOfWeek" Type="{x:Type x:String}">

We can also use a static member of the backing class as the source of the picker view as follows :

<Picker Title="Month" ItemsSource="{x:Static local:PickerPage.Months}" />

and in the backing code file :

    public partial class PickerPage : ContentPage
        public static string[] Months =  {
        public PickerPage()

Notice we are using the XAML extension x:Static to use static resources.

Provide Picker Source in Code

We can altenatively proved the source of the Picker in code, as follows :

<Picker Title="Year" x:Name="pickerYear" />

And in the backing code file :

pickerYear.ItemsSource = new List<string> {

Define Picker in Code

We can also define and populate the Picker from code as follows:

var picker = new Picker()
    ItemsSource = new List<string> {