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Pop Ups

Xamarin.Forms provides support for modal pages. A modal page encourages users to complete a self-contained task that cannot be navigated away from until the task is completed or cancelled.

They are different types of pop up.

  • Alerts
  • Action Sheets
  • Modal Page Pop Up


We can display an alert using DisplayAlert method on the Page

DisplayAlert ("Alert", "You have been alerted", "OK");

We can get the result from the alert by assign the return to a variable

var result = DisplayAlert ("Delete", "Delete file", "OK", "Cancel");

Action Sheets

Action Sheets let the user choose from a list of options. To display the action sheets we use DisplayActionSheet

var action = await DisplayActionSheet ("ActionSheet: Send to?", "Cancel", null, "Email", "Twitter", "Facebook");

The destroy button is rendered differently than the others, and can be left null or specified as the third string parameter.