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Using the Xamarin.Essentials library we can store preferences for each platform using a common api.

Install the Xamarin.Essentials

At the time of writing the Xamarin.Essentials library is still in preview. You will need to enable install pre-release nuget packages.

Set Preference

To set the preferences, you we use the the Set method. The key is a string and the value could be any value type.

 Preferences.Set("nickname", "Joseph");

Read Preference

To read the preference, we use the Get static method of the Preference class as follows :

 var nickname = Preferences.Get("nickname", string.Empty);

You will need to pass a default value if the preference is not found.

Remove the Preference

Use the Remove method and pass in the key.


Remove all Preferences

We can use the Clear method to remove all the preferences set.

Named Preferences

On Android, if we do not provide a name when setting to getting the preferences, the default preferences are used. We can alternatively provide a name when setting and getting the preferences.

Preferences.Set("nickname", "Joseph", "private_prefs");

On iOS, a named StandardUserDefaults file we be created to store the named preferences.