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Entry View

The Entry view is used for entering a single line of text. It is best used for collecting small amounts of text like usernames and passwords. It can be configured to displayed different types of keyboards.

Define in XAML

<Entry Placeholder="Username" />

Define in Code

var entry = new Entry {
    Placeholder = "Username"

Configure Password

We can hide the characters in the Entry so it displays black circles and hides its contents using the Password property in code and IsPassword in XAML as follows :


<Entry Placeholder="Password" IsPassword="true" />

In Code

var entry = new Entry {
    Placeholder = "Username",
    IsPassword = true

Disable Entry

We can disable the Entry field using the IsEnabled property as follows :

<Entry IsEnabled="false" Text="This is a disabled entry" />

Configure Keyboards

We can use the Keyboard property to configure what sort of keyboard is shown for the Entry view. The options are :

  • Default – the default keyboard
  • Chat – used for texting & places where emoji are useful
  • Email – used when entering email addresses
  • Numeric – used when entering numbers
  • Telephone – used when entering telephone numbers
  • Url – used for entering file paths and web addresses


<Entry Placeholder="Username" Keyboard="Email" />

In Code

var entry = new Entry{
    Placeholder = "Username",
    Keyboard = Keyboard.Email

Change Text Color

We can use the TextColor property to change the color of the text.

<Entry TextColor="#E64A19" Placeholder="Username" />

and we can achieve the same in code as follows :

var entry = Entry { 
    TextColor = Color.FromHex ("#77d065"), 
    Text = "Xamarin Green" 

Change Font Size

We can use the FontSize property to change the font size of the text :

<Entry FontSize="Large" Placeholder="Large Font" />